UFC 109 Results

UFC 109 Results: Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman fight is over and Couture won over Coleman via submission.

The 46-year-old UFC legend Randy Couture defeated fellow Hall of Famer Mark Coleman, forcing him to tapout with a second-round rear naked choke.

As has been predicted by a lot of UFC fans, Couture dominated the entirety of the UFC 109 main fight bout, routing Coleman in the first round with punches and strikes from the clinch before finishing him in the second.

Here is a the UFC 109 results for the fight of Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman:

Round 1: UFC 109 Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman

Couture jabs effectively early. He lands four clean jabs and then cleans Coleman’s clock with a straight right. Couture steps forward and Coleman lands a right hook that backs Couture up. Coleman lands a jab in the center of the Octagon and backs straight away from a punching flurry. Couture lands a right hand and then roughs Coleman up with knees to the chin from a Thai plum. A left hook buckles Coleman’s frame. Couture goes to the clinch and lands an uppercut. Couture has Coleman’s back pressed to the cage, and begins to work his dirty-boxing game. Neither fighter has any interest in a ground battle thus far. Couture connects with two consecutive uppercuts that snap Coleman’s head back. The pace slows as Coleman ties Couture up on the inside.

After the round 1 fight, here are the scores of the UFC 109 judges:
Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Couture
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Couture
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Couture

Round 2: UFC 109 Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman

Coleman connects with a jab and a left hook to start round two. Couture blasts Coleman with a right hand. And another. Couture gets a takedown and moves immediately to mount. Couture pounds away with both hands and Coleman gives up his back. Couture gets both hooks and sinks his arm under the chin of Coleman in a rear-naked choke. Coleman refuses to tap and Steve Mazzagatti pulls Couture off just as Coleman was passing out. The official time is 1:09 of round two.

Source: Sherdog

Overall, Couture abused Coleman in the whole UFC 109 main fight bout. Couture won via submission through a rear-naked choke at round 2 at the official time of 1:09.

Congratulations Couture! You have proven yourself that you are truly a UFC Hall of Famer and are definitely relentless despite your age of 46.